Confidence. Success. What are these to you?

If you are looking for someone that could be a poster child for resilience.

Keeping a healthy body and mindset when life is feeding you lemons. Scott McDermott will be joining Co-Hosts of 🔥 UPLIFT 🔥 Sarah Wade (from our Australian studios) Neil Thrussell (from our Canadian studios)

Scott is the Founder of Warrior Code Training, he’s a Best Selling Author, Producer, and the (star) focus of the full-length feature documentary “Living The Warrior Code.” Documentary spoiler alert: Scott is alive today because of some fast-acting Australians and Canadians! We will share with you how you can see “Living The Warrior Code” for FREE on the show!

Join the conversation live via Streamyard by giving them permission with the link below, or simply enjoy watching us talk all things confidence and success on our next Live Show of UPLIFT.

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