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Tune in every second Monday in Canada and every Second Tuesday in Australia and join hosts Sarah Wade and Neil Thrussell

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Your Fabulous Co-Hosts

L. Neil Thrussell

Neil is an international speaker, trainer, athlete, co-founder of Best U Can B Inc and the Shin Dao Institute™, as well as a 4-time International Amazon Best Selling Author of the “A Warrior’s Heart” book series.
Neil is also a very likeable guy! People find Neil easy to talk to, which makes him a very engaging coach. (PS. That statement was not written by my mom or my wife.)

Neil believes everyone has a life purpose, including You. He also believes you were born to fulfill that purpose.

And If you don’t know what your purpose is right now, rest assured Neil will help you discover and live your purpose, so you can feel ALIVE! As Neil firmly believes that there is a… “Write Way To Live a Fuller Life

Sarah Wade

Sarah Wade is a nature loving creative Australian, who helps coaches and holistic practitioners create reels and learn organic marketing.

As a busy single Mum and neurodiverse entrepreneur, Sarah understands the value of time; and knows everyone is unique, just like everyone else.
Sarah has been cohosting UPLIFT for 2-years now with Neil Thrussell and they’ve had a variety of guests who have given much value over the years.
To get hold of Sarah, go (see below) and send her a DM.