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Welcome to the UPLIFt.SHOW, where co-hosts Sarah Wade from Australia and Neil Thrussell from Canada bring you inspiring conversations with extraordinary guests. We are thrilled to have Vikki MacKinnon join us for this episode.

Vikki is an author, international speaker, Life Purpose coach, and Master Numerologist. Her life’s mission is dedicated to helping people comprehend how the energy of numbers influences every aspect of our lives. Through her expertise, she guides individuals in proactively working with this energy to achieve Peace of Mind and Positive Results, particularly in the realms of careers and relationships.

Having crafted numerology profiles for clients across North America, Britain, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, and Japan, Vikki’s impact is truly global. As the founder of the Born to Thrive Numerology Course and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, she has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists since 2008.

Vikki’s groundbreaking book, “Make Today Count: Take Charge of Your Time and Your Life with Numerology,” released in August 2017, set the stage for her impactful work. Her latest book, “The Magic of 8 – How to Recognize, Activate, and Integrate the Energy of Prosperity,” hit the shelves in December 2023, just in time to help everyone reap the best rewards of Number 8 in 2024.

Join us in this enlightening episode as Vikki shares her wisdom on numerology. This life skill, she believes, is unsurpassed in its ability to connect individuals with their purpose and guide them in making their dreams come true.

Don’t miss the transformative insights that will undoubtedly uplift your spirit and empower your journey.

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