🌟 Join us on the UPLIFT show with co-hosts Sarah Wade (Australia) and Neil Thrussell (Canada) as we dive into inspiring conversations with incredible individuals from around the globe! 🌎✨

In this episode, we are thrilled to have the amazing Stephen Hobbs as our special guest!

🌿 Meet Stephen Hobbs: Your Guide on the Ride! Stephen, in his 70th revolution around the sun (2024), walks the path of a “Solo-Ager” and is exploring the transition from Older to Elder. He’s the founder of the WELLth Movement (https://WELLthMovement.com), dedicated to holistic, reciprocal education approaches, especially mentoring.

🔍 What to Expect: Join us as Stephen shares his wealth of experiences gathered across continents, transforming them into powerful tools for personal growth adventures and organizational work. He’s a mentor guiding individuals in navigating life’s shifting landscapes and creating living legacy projects.

🌍 FOR the World, WITH the Planet, FROM the Whole: Stephen’s work is driven by a passion to be FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole. He guides Solo-Agers to be Elders, encouraging them to share their legacy, serve as reciprocal/wholistic mentors, walk with nature as an educator, and experience the extraordinary.

🚀 Connect with Stephen:

LinkedIn: Stephen Hobbs on LinkedIn
YouTube: WellthLearningTV YouTube:
International Mentoring Community (IMC)
YouTube: Awarests
Pinterest: Wellth Movement

🌈 Limited Socials:
Twitter: @wellthlearning
Twitter: @allthingsmentor
Instagram: DrStephenHobbs
Facebook Group: Wellth Movement

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