Joining us on the Uplift Show with co-hosts Sarah Wade (Perth, Australia 🇦🇺), and Neil Thrussell (Calgary, Canada🇨🇦); in this episode, we welcome Mama-K Skydancer 🇳🇿 (Perth, Australia (🇦🇺) to discuss “Supporting Your Sacred Journey” with us.

A spiritualist with a unique and down-to-earth style of “love and light, with a touch of humour,” Mama-K Skydancer has spent her whole life and career as an advocate, healer, activist and facilitator of many modalities. Often, working with and alongside, vulnerable people with trauma and or mental health issues to support their growth in a realistic, nurturing and supportive way.

Whether you seek relief from physical pain, emotional healing, or spiritual growth, Mama-K offers personalized holistic bodywork and intuitive guidance. Her modalities include Lomi Lomi, Trapped Emotional Release, Guidance through intuitive card readings, and Ayurvedic Body Work. These methods can help you find balance, healing, and relaxation.

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