🌟 Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey like no other with “The Astrology of You!” Join us on UPLIFT – Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart on Fire, a Facebook Live and YouTube Live stream show hosted by the dynamic duo of Sarah Wade in Australia and Neil Thrussell in Canada.

🌠 Meet our special guest, Jim Seymour, whose passion for astrology was ignited back in 1994 during his time in Australia. Jim’s astrological journey began when he took on the role of Mercury in the Byron Bay stage production of Astro Playback Theater II. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to researching, applying, and writing about the timeless principles of astrology.

🔮 In 2011, Jim launched Starduster Services, where he’s been serving as an advisor, consultant, presenter, teacher, and writer. With 25 years of experience in bhakti yoga and mantra meditation, he’s distilled the essence of universal wisdom for modern times.

🌌 Jim’s customized services seamlessly blend leading-edge astrology, ancient truths, and intuitive insights. His illuminating sessions are deeply rooted in a rich tapestry of eclectic career paths, profound life experiences, continuous learning, and personal development.

🌏 Join us for an enlightening conversation as we delve into the depths of astrology, spirituality, and personal growth. Discover how the stars align with your life’s journey and gain valuable insights to uplift your soul.

UPLIFT – Uplifting conversations that set your heart on fire.

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Join us, bring your questions or send them our way 🔥 UPLIFT 🔥 Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart On Fire 🔥 next week.

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