Holistic-minded business owners: tap into your unlimited potential and capabilities through self-discovery on this episode of UPLIFT Show – Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart On Fire Co-Hosts Neil Thrussell (Canada) and Sarah Wade (Australia) welcome Spiritual Leaders Business Coach and Psychologist Michelle Saluja (Australia) to the UPLIFT Show as we delve into a discussion about the gift of transformational journey work, plus key myths and facts about having a holistic business in 2023.

As our next guest has 15 years of experience working with and helping people be their best version of themselves, we suggest you get a pen and paper out or find a comfortable position, then place your hand on your heart as you join the conversation live or in a replay.

Through her own growth and evolution, she has transitioned into coaching healers and spiritual leaders into monetizing their gifts online, allowing them to have even more impact in the world. We wonder, how do you relate? Have any questions you’d like to ask us, like “How do I awaken my business’s greatness when so many people say I should give my gifts away for free”?

UPLIFT – Uplifting conversations that set your heart on fire.

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Join us, bring your questions or send them our way 🔥 UPLIFT 🔥 Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart On Fire 🔥 next week.

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