Is it even possible to connect and positively communicate with teens? Or is it just a story that adults tell each other to save their own sanity?

Sally Lean is an Australian expat whose passion and interest in learning Chinese led to a career in international school education. She has lived and worked in China for 15 of the last 30 years, plus living in Singapore and Thailand for a further seven years. Fluent in Chinese, Sally has taught teens and young people from over 80 countries and has worked in teacher training and presenting at conferences all across Asia, Australia and North America.

Sally has learnt to communicate and connect with teens across many countries, over 80, to be exact 🙂

Join co-hosts Sarah Wade (au) and Neil Thrussell (ca) to learn was to communicate and CONNECT with teens!


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Join us, bring your questions or send them our way 🔥 UPLIFT 🔥 Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart On Fire 🔥 next week.

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