Join co-hosts @Sarah Wade (from our studio in Australia) and @Neil Thrussell (from our studio in Canada} as they interview @Janeen Lorraine Cameron (Australia). Joining us from Perth, WA is incomparable Janeen Cameron, who has a holistic approach to mental wellness. With 21years experience in Arts Therapy, Janeen specializes in trauma and PTSD, Women’s issues & life transitions. The former Registered Nurse & OH&S Consultant holds a Master’s of Arts Therapy, lecturing and supervising Arts Therapy students and graduates; a Clinical Hypnotherapist; Master NLP Practitioner; workshop facilitator and is the director of both Art4Success and Quitwise. Join us live via Streamyard where you can pick her brain about how the benefits of externalising your thoughts using artistic process can be more useful for some people than talking therapies. You’ll hear how it is not due to the creative outcome, but rather on the process of creating new ways of understanding how they live in the world. So Please join us where ever you are in the world.

So Please join us where ever you are in the world.

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