Welcome to the UPLIFT.SHOW, where co-hosts Sarah Wade from Australia and Neil Thrussell from Canada bring you uplifting and inspiring conversations. In our next episode, we are thrilled to welcome Vince Wishart RTC, NLP, a psychotherapist, therapeutic life coach, and transformative artist.

Vince, along with his beloved Rebecca, runs a business called LoveAlive. With an extensive background in recovery, Vince has developed a groundbreaking concept called Evolved Recovery. Drawing from his experience with traditional 12-step recovery models,

Vince has identified key factors contributing to low recovery rates and has innovated a new approach. For the past few years, Vince has facilitated groups of men in a ceremonial format, achieving an unprecedented 100% recovery rate—far surpassing the 11% recovery rate of leading fellowships. This remarkable success is reminiscent of the times of Maynard Dalderus, one of Vince’s mentors.

Join us as Vince shares his insights into Evolved Recovery, his journey, and the transformative power of his methods. As a gregarious and engaging group facilitator, Vince is passionately results-oriented for his clients.

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  1. It was so great to be on show with you 2. You 2 have a great dynamic synergistic energy together. So many blessings on your ventures

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